Stillness in Action is an extraordinary phenomena. It changes lives. It changes worlds. If you are seeking a new way of seeing, of being, of awakening, then retreat with Bobbi, Ken and Simon. After 7 days, I feel truly blessed. I can appreciate all aspects of life with new clarity, deeper compassion, greater insight and directed intention.”

David, NSW Magistrate.

“Stillness in Action provides the sacred process for getting off the treadmill of a hectic, crazy lifestyle, in order to come to deep stillness, energized again to engage more meaningfully in the world. Thank you all!”

Annette Arnold, Josephite sister

“Stillness in Action is exactly where the Social Change movement needs to go. The balance of personal enquiry, nurturing and remembering our interconnection with everything works for me.”

David Naylor, community activist.

“The five days gave me the skills to stop and reflect on the profound changes occurring in the world and within myself. This workshop sets the stage for a new roadmap to personal and group sustainability and sanity. Highly recommended!”Gilbert Rochecouste, Director, Village Well.

“A delightful introduction to the community of ordinary people finding a way to blend healing of pain from the world of daily living with warm community.”

Ian Niven.

A gentle and supportive way to learn how to discover what really matters.

Christine Dann, NZ Greens.

Spacious, restorative, nourishing and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend to others. I wished that this retreat had been my initial introduction to both meditation and Buddhist philosophy of life. You made both very accessible to us”.

Joy London, consultant.

I have been to many workshops, but never to one which flowed so simply, lovingly and beautifully as this. Deeply moving, calming and inspiring. Our leaders guided us so gently to connect with ourselves,each other and our planet, in a way which was real, meaningful and lasting. A combination of fun and frivolity, compassion and tears, sadness and hope, love and laughter. Truly a wonderful week. Thank you.”

Robyn Webster, Naturopath.

“The silence, in a group, allowed me access to a form of community not available anywhere else in my life. The Deep Change exercises were also extremely useful in helping me connect with others at a heart level.”

Gayle Cue, manager.

“I’ve regained force! I was reminded of my strengths, of so many things that interest me, and was able to meet likeminded people.”

Regula Ranch, welfare worker

“Dear Bobbi, Simon & Ken,
I watch you all tread so carefully and spread positivity and ecological wisdom with many waves of compassion. You all share a balance which reflects so much and encourages wonderful ways of thinking / living - which in turn creates more sustainable and thoughtful actions. Thankyou.”

Jackie Boelle, Social Ecology student.

I have gained incredible comfort and strength, feeling encouraged to follow my passion and find a place / forum for my passion that is sustainable and of benefit to the process of serving life and myself. Very inspiring!”

Michelle Behan, community worker

The combination of deep ecology work with silent meditation is very powerful. This week has given me new strength and courage to serve the Earth, and rekindled my sense of hope.”

Emma Pittaway, refugee activist.

I wholeheartedly recommend this work for anyone who wishes to work towards healing our world, but is feeling disempowered. Working with challenging issues in a supportive environment with like-minded people left me feeling affirmed in my work and encouraged to continue.”

Richard Bates, Green Councillor.

“Amazing, beautiful people. I feel totally uplifted and blessed to be here. I am motivated to do more, and be pro-active about social change and earth-care, in a sustainable and mindful manner. The stories and experiences shared, and the thoughtfulness expressed by all members of the group, and teachers, blows me away. And gives me great joy and belief (faith) in myself and my own ability to make change, socially and personally. The times are a-changing. I am honestly grateful to be part of the change. I enjoyed pushing boundaries, meeting diverse people. Thanks for your good work.”

Jo Cunningham, marine biologist.

“SIA has been the most inspirational experience, including spiritual development, personal connection, intellectual content, entertaining, great fun, good food and most valuable of all, greatly energising and motivating me to positive social action. A rich and precious time, which has deeply changed me.

Kathryn Parle.

“It has allowed me to continue my path with clarity, commitment, an awareness of my true nature, and a new found sense of inner peace.”

Cameron Cross, Business Consultant.

“It re-lit my passion, commitment and determination to make a difference.” 

Grant Focas

“Stillness in Action enlivened my meditation practice, giving it new depth and meaning.

Sue Johnson